Flower remedies

Flower remedies offer a soft and natural way to get back in touch with yourself and to come into balance, to restore the connection with yourself and the outside world. This makes them ideal for children. I would therefore like to focus on children, also parents are welcome and can, by taking flower remedies themselves, support their child.

Years ago I started using these flower remedies myself during a difficult period of my life and was surprised and happy to notice how they supported me. My enthusiasm attracted others to guide them with these remedies. I was happy to see how they too were supported by the remedies, gained insights and were able to let go of problems and came back into balance.

 In addition to the frequently occurring problems in children, caused by, for example, divorces, being bullied, bullying themselves, fear of school and the like, on top of those,  tension caused by the pandemic and all the restrictions surrounding the pandemic have been added.

All these tensions can cause children to lose their sense of security and stability. Each child responds to this in their own way. They may react by closing themselves off, withdrawing into themselves, losing their self-confidence, others become extremely busy, easily angry, sleep badly, etc. Because of all these tensions they can lose their self-confidence and get lost in themselves.

Blossom remedies can then help to heal gently and to regain balance, to reconnect with oneself and with the outside world.

By talking to them, I gain insight into their problems, possibly supplemented by the story of the accompanying parent. Together with the children I then look for the right remedy(s).

You and your child are very welcome




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