What are blossom remedies?

Blossom remedies are liquid, potentiated preparations that clearly bear the stamp of a particular flower. They focus on health in a broader sense, with a recognition of the relationship between body and mind. Because they contain no material component, they are not chemicals or drugs. They are best described as catalysts containing a formative or ethereal image of the plant used. They do not work like a chemical medicine outside your will, but the uniqueness of flower remedies is that they take you by the hand, give you insights and let you take new steps, with your own choices and when you are ready.

Blossom therapy is a very refined natural healing method. Blossom remedies are energetic remedies that are made not only from the blossoms of wild or organically grown plants, but also from mushrooms, gemstones and energy places. Use is made of the life energy of the plant or flower, the mushroom, gemstone or energy place. The remedies are used for moods or emotions that are out of balance. For example, a constant fear will affect the life force and vitality of a person. Blossom remedies are catalysts that help you gain insight into your consciousness. So that fear is not fear, but the lack of courage, the opposite of fear. The flower remedies do not push your fear away, but show you the way and give you insight into how you can develop your courage (again). When your mind is balanced, the body will recover as naturally as possible.

You can use flower remedies for:

  • Spiritual development
  • Inner growth and awareness
  • Inner balance and peace
  • Transforming problems
  • Understanding and solving difficulties
  • Physical, emotional, mental and spiritual understanding and balance




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