Personalised and profound therapy sessions that utilise hypnosis to help clients overcome an issue and to assist them in leading a more balanced, harmonious life. With a Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Psychology, Master of Science in Medicine in Psychotherapy, a diploma in Holistic Healing Hypnosis, and a certificate in Clinical Hypnotherapy, Tatjana is committed to supporting you in overcoming whatever limiting beliefs or negative behavioural patterns are holding you back. She will guide you in uncovering the power of subconscious mind, and stepping into your most authentic Self.

If you have been struggling with any single issue in your life for months, years or your entire life, and you are finding it challenging to overcome with knowledge or mental hacks or self control, then it is likely rooted from a 'program' or belief located in your subconscious. Hypnotherapy allows you to access your subconscious to reprogram that belief, fast.

The Holistic Healing Hypnosis (HHHypnosis) technique utilised by Tatjana is multi-dimensional with various processes. The processes carried out depend on what the needs of the client are at that time of the session. This inner-work may include shadow-work, inner child-work, emotional release, correcting and upgrading beliefs relating to the self and to the world at large, and more. The process is focused on resolving the issue at the root, first and foremost. Tatjana aims to do so in as little time as possible while still attending to the overall well-being of the client. For this reason, most topics generally require between one and three sessions for the client to experience significant shifts.

For more information on the session structure, the topics that can be addressed by hypnotherapy, as well as client reviews, please visit Tatjana’s website.

Investment and Packages

Due to the depth of this process and the intricacies of the subconscious mind, it usually takes between one to three sessions to see profound results. This allows you to address deep rooted issues in a multi-dimensional. Sessions are usually between 2.5 to 3 hours. Sessions are available online, as well as in person - if you are Amsterdam based.

  • The investment for a single session is €250 (Online) / €350 (In-Person)
  • The investment for a three session package is €700 (Online) / €950 (In-Person).
  • The investment for a six session package is €1350 (Online) / €1950 (In-Person).