What is your body telling you? What do you need? During a massage you become aware of the signals of your body. You will come closer to yourself while your energy flows and your muscles relax. In short, you will feel better in your body.

A massage provides relief for:

  • Back pains
  • Neck and shoulder pains
  • Headaches
  • Stomachaches
  • Stiff muscles

We think it is important to tailor the massage to your personal needs. Each massage begins and ends with a short conversation, inviting you to ask questions and indicate your specific wishes. In addition to the regular relaxation massage that is given by all of our masseurs, each masseur also has their own specialties.

Read more about the specific massages and our masseurs below.

Specific massages

Movement Techniques
Movement techniques are applied during the massage, such as stretching, joint movement (anatomical movements) and holistic pulsing (the body is brought into a natural undulating movement with gives a deep relaxation). Offered by: Mairon, Ellen, Ada

Connective Tissue Massage
The connective tissues are located in the deeper parts of the skin (subcutaneuous connective tissue) and they are responsible creating clearly visible skin improvements and tightening the skin. Connective tissue massage can be applied to the entire body. This massage technique stimulates the skin’s blood circulation, works on the rejuvenation of the skin structure and reduces blockages. By applying connective tissue massage, the skin gets stronger. Poor blood circulation can lead to adhesions, meaning that the cell walls are almost unable to absorb nutrients and remove waste products. The connective tissue massage optimises blood circulation, making the skin able to absorb nutrients more effectively. Offered by: Marin, Ernst

Belly/Abdominal Massage (Chi-Nei Tjang)
The relaxing organ massage frees the abdomen from blockages in a soft and deep way. Called Chi Nei Tsang (CNT), this powerful and simple application has roots in ancient Taoist China and literally means “working the energy of the internal organs.” The massage detoxifies, brings emotional balance, strengthens and stimulates the healing capacity of the body. Abdominal massage helps to relieve back pain, strengthen the abdominal muscles and eliminate toxins from the body. Abdominal massage also stimulates blood flow to all the vital organs in the abdominal cavity, improving their functioning. Offered by: Marin, Ellen, Mairon, Ada

Like most acupuncture treatments, cupping also comes from China. This therapy consists of applying a cup to the skin, creating a suction within the cup. In this way, the skin and the superficial muscles are collected in the cup. A vacuum is created above the skin, stimulating the blood flow in the muscles and tissues, removing energy blockages. The meridians are opened so that Qi can flow freely. A cupping treatment is not painful but can sometimes feel uncomfortable. If necessary, the vacuum force of the cup can be reduced. Feel free to ask for more information if you have any questions about this! What can cupping help with? The treatment is based on the connective tissues of the body and the removal of stagnated energy. It can reduce muscle and joint complaints. The deep connective tissue massage makes muscles and skin supple so that you will feel better both physically and mentally! Offered by: Marin, YvetteMatthijs, Laura

Deep Tissue Massage
Firm massages which address deeper pain and disturbances. Offered by: Marin, Ellen, Mairon, YvetteAda, Ernst, Matthijs, Laura, Alena

Duo Massage
Let’s relax for two! A massage together in the same room. Please book at least one day in advance so that four hands are ready for you. Offered by: everyone (except Marin)

Reiki Session
Energetic treatment that tackles energy blockages and promotes flow in your body.
Offered by: Ada, Matthijs

Shiatsu (on the massage table technique)
In Shiatsu, the thumbs, palms and fingers are used to apply pressure to specific areas of the body. The practitioner does not work with muscle power, but uses their own body weight to exert pressure. In this manual therapy, pressure on the skin and the performance of stretching are used to invite stagnant energy to flow again, ensuring your optimal well-being. Offered by: Marin

Sport Massage
Sports massage uses a variety of techniques to achieve the desired goal. It is beneficial for people with injuries, chronic pain or limited range of motion. In general, this massage focuses on a specific problem area that you present, usually associated with some type of sporting activity, such as running, tennis or golf. Offered by: Mairon, Marin, Ada, Matthijs, Laura

Thai Massage
The Thai massage provides relaxation and activation. The stretching exercises in Thai massage help to loosen stuck joints, increase flexibility, relieve muscle tension, stimulate the aura and internal organs and balance the energy system. Offered by: Ellen, Mairon, Ada

Trigger Point Massage
Trigger points are often referred to as the knots in your muscles. They are actually very localised cramps in the muscles where a hypersensitive spot arises as a result from lack of blood flow and oxygen. From the outside, these muscle knots can feel like painful, hard bumps or strings. When a considerable amount of pressure is applied, it can cause a radiating pain in another part of the body. Trigger points can arise in all muscles in the body, but are often in specific places. Usually they occur where the nervous system transfers information to the muscle. The cause is generally overload, stress, poor posture, a fall or accident, too little exercise or poor nutrition. Offered by: Mairon, Ernst

Foot Reflex Therapy
This therapy is based on a method that assumes that points on the foot correspond to organs, muscles and nerves. These points are called ‘reflex zones.’ Massage and pressure on these reflex zones cause a reaction in the part of the body that corresponds with that reflex zone. Any hidden or early-stage issues can be detected by using this method. Offered by: Marin, Bianca, Laura

Pregnancy Massage
Massage for pregnant women from the 10th to the last week. This is a relaxation massage to become in touch with your changing body and your baby. Offered by: Yvette, Marin, Marlies

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