Singing bowl massage


A singing bowl massage is a blessing for your body, mind and soul.

Singing bowls promote deep relaxation with profound healing effects and a stimulation to discover one's own levels of consciousness.

The sound of a singing bowl affects the brain waves in a balanced way, and has a calming effect on the nervous system.

The physical vibration of the sound waves, when a bowl is placed directly on the body, subtly massages the cells and organs and causes energy blockages to transform.

A singing bowl is a musical instrument in the form of a bowl, usually made of an alloy of copper and tin, which we call bronze.

The real old bowls are the result of weeks of hard work. No machine is involved.

And you notice that!

They develop a longlasting sound after striking with a percussion stick. Vibrations can travel for a long time in and through the body.

Singing bowls are rich in overtone resonances with vibration and each singing bowl has its own tone and timbre.

The operation of singing bowls is based on resonance.

Through hearing (auditory) and feeling (vibratory) body cells resonate with the energy of the sounds.

Singing bowls therefore owe their effect to vibration, to resonance. All scales have their own pitch, which becomes audible and tangible through vibration.

This vibration continues easily, carries through water.

And our body consists for a very large part of water!

This has a penetrating and beneficial effect on the body tissue, the blood, the skin, the bones and all cells.

The vibrations of the singing bowls can thus affect the body, mind and soul very deeply.

So you can imagine what this does to any blockages, superficial and also the deeper ones. Physical and energetic.

The sounds are vibration, we are vibration, our emotions, thoughts and words are vibrations, everything around us is vibration.

The sounds travel through all layers of our being and through all layers of our brain. Down to the deepest delta waves. Up to those layers where the self-healing capacity is potentially present.

The different brain rhythms:

Beta rhythm (14 – 28 Hz):
Logical thinking, active attention, but also aggression, stress and frustration.

Alpha rhythm (7 – 14 Hz):
Relaxed concentration and calm, resigned thinking. Alpha is the "bridge" between the conscious and the subconscious.

Teta rhythm (3.5 – 7 Hz):
Rest, sleep, inspiration and dream, visualize, daydream and fantasize.

Delta rhythm (0.1 – 3.5 Hz):
Big brain: dreamless, deep sleep, trance, hypnosis.
Midbrain: personal radar, instinct, 6th sense.

The effect of the singing bowls!

  • Sounds balance your central nervous system.
  • Sounds let the energy flow again, harmonize the body cells and purify your energetic space (if you like, your aura).
  • Sounds bring you more into your creative center.
  • Space is created to receive stress, fears and have them transformed.
  • Improved sleep and concentration.
  • Vibrations and their purity bring balance to the energies of your meridians and chakras.
  • Vibrations travel to deeper layers of our brain and soul so that you will experience much more clarity and awareness.

This singing bowl massage (therapy) is given by: Mark

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