Ada is available in Noord on Monday.

Get the life of your dreams and making it a reality. But what are you missing to get it done? What is standing in your way, or holding you back? Do you want to share your story and a listening ear?

Do you want to make conscious decisions and move towards creating happiness and satisfaction in areas in life that are important to you? The search for answers about what gives you happiness and satisfaction are about letting hearts' desires float to the surface. Want to find out who you really are and who you want to be?

This is possible! All through a combination of coaching and massage.

Years ago I was introduced to the practice of massaging through a theater/dance education. As students we massaged each other, and then I naturally fell in love with this profession. Massage does wonders for your body and mind- and that is why I always gave massages to my loved ones, family, friends and colleagues when I noticed that they were stuck in their work or life. What started as a hobby became my passion and profession. In addition, in 2012 I also started delving into coaching and leadership training courses, which I then followed in London. My coaching style is to bring people into contact with their hearts and wishes through play, movement and massage.

Because I master different kinds of massage styles, I mix styles together. These techniques can include sports-, kayotima shiatsu-, thai- and reiki techniques. In my massage I adapt completely to the needs and wishes of the person. My massage style is firm and I also do a lot of stretching.

You can contact me for a firm and relaxing massage, but also if you want to change your life and be more conscious with yourself and others.


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