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Adi is available in The Jordaan on Thursday morning and Saturday morning

Adi Shanti belongs to a family lineage of Physicians and Physiotherapists of holistic medicine and Indigenous scholar of natural medicine. His training in holistic medicine and massage began at an early age. Adi Shanti strengthens his knowledge of holistic massages founded on the basis of long ancient traditional studies of India called Ayurveda.

Adi Shanti's holistic massages are widely considered to be the oldest form of healing that she applies in her treatments. Originally, Adi Shanti adopted the knowledge of Ayurvedic medicine and holistic massage in 2014 when she finished her studies as an Ayurvedic practitioner in India and obtained her certificate as an Ayurvedic Physiotherapist and Massage Therapist.

Adi's work consists of a mixture of different massage styles from both Asian and Western techniques. In addition to working on relaxation and stress reduction, Adi's treatments aim to cure and prevent disease. Her sessions help the body to recover and make you feel vital, healthy and in harmony with yourself.

Adi Shanti's focus is to offer the best jolistic massage experience available to you. Adi Shanti knows that the best way to achieve this is by understanding the imbalance that afflicts you. It is for this reason that Adi Shati focuses on the knowledge and wisdom of Ayurvedic massage treatments also in combination with Western massages.

The objective of Adi Shanti is to make you connect with yourself through the deepening of knowledge and understanding of the Ayurvedic massage styles that he offers in each treatment with movements, touches and adequate pressure to guarantee recovery and harmony. In this way it will also help you find balance in your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual life.


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