For more than 20 years yoga has been a passion of mine which has brought relaxation and balance to my life. A few years ago I studied to become a Hatha yoga teacher, in addition to doing a 'Flow yoga' studies, which helps me to introduce a nice flow into my classes. Dynamic and static poses alternate each other and breathing plays a key role. Classes variate in intensity and always end with a long relaxation and a short meditation. I prefer to teach yoga in small groups, with a personal approach, in which I try to work with themes - both within the class as well as over a longer period of time.

Aside from classical yoga, I also give a kind of guidance classes to people one on one or in small groups, which I call 'Body, Mind & Soul'. These 'classes' consist of simple poses and a variation of breathing-, relaxation- and meditation practices. The aim here is to get in better contact with yourself and your inner power, which can have a healing effect in situations of stress diverse ademhalings-, ontspannings- en medita and depression, or can help prepare you for something like a heavy medical treatment.

Hatha Yoga classes are Tuesday mornings in our Noord studio. For a Body, Mind & Soul session, please send me an e-mail: I look forward to meeting you.

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