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  • Foot reflexology massage
  • Regression / Reincarnation therapy
  • Massage/Soul Journey – Marin & Bianca
  • Family constellation / systemic work

About Bianca

Early in my life I had to deal with the loss of loved ones. At that time, there was hardly any talk about emotions. Around the age of twentieth, a moment came when my life came to a standstill, I was burned out ... or burn out .... After having followed various paths in regular health care, I discovered the benefit of body-oriented therapeutic techniques. Healing power from within yourself. I believe there is no such thing as coincidence…nothing happens without a reason…

Since then I have followed various courses and courses, including Reiki I & II, Foot Reflexology, Cranio Sacral, relaxation massage, Systemic working / family constellation.

Several years ago I followed a course in corporate investigation for my job as a fraud investigator. In the conversation/interrogation techniques part, my teacher was replaced by a teacher who is also a Reincarnation / Regression therapist. There was an immediate "click" and out of curiosity and self-examination I underwent a number of sessions. From this came the realization that from the death of my father at the age of 7 I had been in a survival mechanism and for me a lot of puzzle pieces came together. I also gained insight into the influence of the survival mechanism in my friendships and relationships. These insights allowed me to break through patterns that were hindering me in a few sessions.

This inspired me to follow the Reincarnation / Regression Therapist training to guide people to relive their traumatic experiences under a light trance in a safe environment and to distinguish these situations as similar and at the same time as essentially different . Because of my Indonesian roots, I also work intuitively.

Have you had minor or major accidents, major surgery, experienced sexual abuse, miscarriage or other physical trauma? Do you have unexplained pain or burnout that you can't get rid of?

Under my guidance you can go on a quest to find the stored conscious or unconscious memory, sadness and / or trauma at soul level, which hinders you from reliving and solving this existence, the intermediate existence or a previous life. This releases blockages and gives you a relieved feeling.

Dutch translation of the booking widget on this page:

  • Foot reflexology massage = Voetreflexmassage
  • Regression / Reincarnation therapy = Regressie / Reincarnatietherapie
  • Massage/Soul Journey  = Massage/Zielsreis
  • Family constellation / systemic work = Familieopstelling / systemisch werken


Regression with Bianca Beer was a beautiful, unique experience for me. It provided me with many insights from a past life that relates to the life I am living now. Through these insights, I have been able to heal and resolve situations in my current life. I now understand what happened in a past life and the connection and impact it has on my life now. As a result, I have been able to break repetitive patterns. I am deeply grateful to Bianca for lovingly guiding me through a past life, enabling me to make more conscious and healthier choices for my current life.

With abundant knowledge, empathy, expertise, and the creation of a safe environment, Bianca has fostered a loving space for me to receive the lessons from a past life and continue my personal development. I wish everyone could experience something as beautiful in a heartwarming session with Bianca💗👍 -Anita-


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