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Because together you go further

From an early age on I noticed that I often know what other people need. I kept this quality hidden for a long time. Because of this I developed several symptoms. During my personal journey, in which I researched my own obstacles in several different ways, I was guided by a few valuable professionals. Each of them have, in their own way, brought me insights that have led to positive changes. Through this I developed a big wish to work with other professionals. Because together you go further!

My biggest motivation is to make the world a softer place. I do this by approaching the people that come my way in a loving manner, while using my own inner wisdom and experience. My way of working is intuitive and systemic; I will listen to your (life’s) story. My power is my ability to motivate you to do self-examination, which will enable your own growth from within.

Together we will create the space in which we seek out the silence and you receive my full attention, so you can discover within yourself what is already there. We work from outwards to inwards and the other way around. I look at it as an exchange of energy and inner wisdom. During this exchange I, as your coach, will teach you how you can integrate your new insights in your daily life.

As a graduated coach and counselor I have a lot of experience with themes such as divorce, parenting, finding meaning in life, acceptance, (self)compassion, grief and loss. Further I am a mindfulness trainer for parents.

Every question you have is more than welcome.


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