In order to see through and heal patterns that do not serve us, you sometimes need someone to shed light on the hidden and rejected parts of yourself. I am a clairsentient, intuitive conversation partner and shadow work coach and I guide people through blocked areas in their emotional world. I use a mix of oracle cards, astrology, meditation and channel work that I adjust to your unique energy field. During our conversation I become a messenger of your subconscious mind. Together we look at what life is trying to mirror to you by examining your life (perhaps repetitive) experiences. As soon as we get a view of what brings us out of balance, shifts will occur in our energy field. In this way we can let ourselves be carried along with the flow of life again instead of swimming against it.

As a highly sensitive child with an intense dream world, I discovered my gift by feeling into the emotional world of others. This expressed itself in clairsentience. In my teenage years I ended up in a severe depression and I noticed that the energetic dimension remained unanswered in the forms of therapy that the regular care provided me. I decided to search for more spiritual healing practices and took a dive into my inner world. I was invited to face my shadow. The result was a deep transformation where oracle cards became an important gateway to communicate with myself and my guides. The more I could embrace my shadow and everything that threw me off balance, the closer I got to my authentic full self. When I came out of my depression, which felt like a destined journey, I decided to develop what I had learned from it into a coaching method. Now I share this with people who want to gain insight in their energetic blockages.

I believe in the timing and power of a dialogue and I would like to invite you during my session to take a breather from what you are struggling with and come home to yourself. You may dismantle the patterns that no longer serve you and together we look at how you can give some relief to the heaviness of your heart.

You're very welcome!


I had a session with Çiğdem because I wanted more clarity about why I kept getting stuck in a specific area of my life. Çigdem really touched my essence and deepest feelings. It was an intensive session that gave a lot of clarity. It gave me the space to grow towards a lot of more beautiful things that are yet to come! - Astrid

I highly recommend Çiğdem . Right from the time of booking, she communicated and delivered her insightful knowledge in such a calm, caring and pure way. She really supported me in absorbing my truths, and encouraged me to go deeper into healing some parts too. Thank you so much! - Lana

She made me feel at ease and sensed what I needed. All the chaos and questions that arose, she brought to attention and were answered with clarity. - Laila

After the session I felt really relieved and satisfied. I experienced more clarity about my life. I highly recommend her and I will definitely come back! - Celista

A session where Çiğdem was there for me with her full attention and kindness. It brought clarity and lightness to my head and heart. I’m very grateful for meeting each other. - Fleur

I reached a point with Çiğdem where I felt so safe that I didn’t feel the urge to put my walls up. It felt familiar, safe and very soothing. - Raziye


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