Regression and Reincarnation therapy
Coen is available in Noord on Friday mornings.

Coen is a therapist who supports his self-development.
In his work, Coen follows that soul of you as a client in different 'fields of experience': current life, prenatal life, past lives and the time between lives.
It is a fascinating and instructive way of healing, to become an increasingly better version of yourself.

Coen works with the help of trance in order to process unconscious and/or unprocessed experiences. He is analytical and goal-oriented, which allows him to perceive deeper issues or problems and give them back to the customer.

From his other field of expertise, Coen has been a vice detective for the police. During that period with the police, he helped and supported victims of sexual violence and abuse on their path.

Coen teaches regression and reincarnation therapy at various institutions and has his own training in reincarnation therapy.

He gives a 90-120 minute Regression Therapy session in the Yurt on Fridays.

We also offer a combination on Friday with:

  • Marin Dijkman 90 minute massage 9.00 - 10.30 am
  • Coen 90 minutes Regression Therapy 10.30 am -12.00 pm (can be extended for 30 minutes)

This combination of massage and regression has a faster effect on the treatment. Because the massage already gives you a deep relaxation. So that the regression therapy helps you get to your process faster.


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