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Eefke is available on Thursday and Sunday mornings in the Jordaan.

"My love for this profession grows day by day. The techniques and philosophy behind it stem from an age-old tradition. By giving massages and Shiatsu I want to contribute to the well-being of others." 

I have been working as a masseuse in studio Massage Marin since 2016. I was trained for this by Marin Dijkman. The massages I give are aimed at achieving the deepest possible physical and mental relaxation, so that there is room for recovery. I give the massages on the massage table, I work with oil and apply both Deep Tissue and Shiatsu techniques.

Shiatsu Therapy
I am almost an official Shiatsu Therapist; I am now in the last year of the four-year Zen Shiatsu Training in Amsterdam. I will graduate in September 2021! I have a diploma in anatomy and a first aid diploma.

Are you interested in a Shiatsu treatment? Now is the time! Because I am almost done with my education, but not quite yet, so my rate is adjusted accordingly:

  • Shiatsu 90 minutes (first consultation) € 55 

  • Shiatsu 60 minutes (follow-up consultations) € 50

For an appointment, please e-mail me ( or book through my website:

What is Shiatsu? 

Shiatsu comes from Japan. It is a form of Manual Therapy that is used to balance the body and mind. Like acupuncture, it belongs to Traditional Chinese Medicine and has the same theoretical basis. Shiatsu is a holistic treatment method: body and mind are approached as one whole. 

What does a shiatsu treatment look like? 

I start by listening to your complaints and ask questions about your lifestyle, sleep rhythm, eating habits, bowel movements and possibly menstruation. After a physical examination based on the complaint(s), treatment follows. Ideally you want to wear comfortable clothing during the treatment, while you lie on a futon - a cotton mattress - or a massage table. In Japanese, shi means finger and atsu means pressure. I use the thumbs, palms, fingers and my own body weight to exert pressure on the acupuncture points and on the meridians (energy channels). Joint manipulation and stretching of body parts are also part of a Shiatsu treatment.

What can Shiatsu do for me? 

Shiatsu therapy can best be used preventively. It also relieves (pain) complaints, such as RSI, stuck muscles, neck, shoulder and back complaints, chronic pain, and for the treatment of burnout. Shiatsu also has a positive effect on hormonal complaints (PMS, menopause), metabolic problems (constipation) and headaches and migraines. A Shiatsu treatment relaxes, relaxes the muscles and promotes the movement of joints. Shiatsu also ensures a good circulation of blood and body substances. Shiatsu promotes the self-healing capacity of your body. The treatment is aimed at removing blockages, for example in the form of stuck tissue, such as connective tissue or muscles, and insufficient blood flow. I will detect these disturbances, and through massage and manipulation techniques make the tissue soft and supple again and restore the blood flow. Complaints diminish or disappear and everything can flow freely again.


One hour of complete relaxation: wonderful. You directly feel comfortable with Eefke and she is a very good masseuse. Thanks! - Michelle Bakker

A balancing, therapeutic experience. Eefke responded very well to the “case” lying in front of her. More than it being just a great massage, she worked on unblocking energies and helping me as part of some growing and changing I am working on. Her excellent fluency in English facilitated a frank and emotional exchange which helped her pinpoint the right therapy, including some unusual and impactful methods, like moxibustion. Afterwards, I felt very free and energised – and still do so, 2 weeks later. 6 stars! A massive thanks and until my next trip to Amsterdam. - Andrew

Went here whilst in Amsterdam during a long European visit. I was treated by Eefke and she was really great. Very attentive and thoughtful, focused on the areas I’d highlighted using her varied experience. If I lived here I’d certainly be a regular. - Ad Ro

This place is so warm and welcoming. It is a small room which feels cozy and far away from the outside world. Eefke is a magician. She listens to what you want or need, and then finds all the spots which need work, and you walk out feeling like you’re lighter than air. - Kate Mingay

Oasis of rest and relaxation in town! Relaxing and healing massage given by Eefke. Time and attention for the human being in a holistic way. First experience with cupping in combination with massage, and was pleasantly surprised how well that works!
I left Massage Marin an hour later much more relaxed, thanks to the work of “magic hands.” Make time for this place, definitely a must …  - James

I can highly recommend Eefke she is extremely professional and friendly as a person, you also feel the energy all around her. This was a once in a lifetime experience which I would never forget. - Salam


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