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Ernst is available on Wednesday morning in Noord and on Sunday morning in The Jordaan

“From a young age I have been fascinated by the human body: how it heals itself and is constantly changing. This fascination led me to study medicine and I received my doctor's degree in 2019.

Throughout my education I saw both the fantastic technological prowess that modern Western medicine has produced but also the lack of a holistic view on health and even its rejection.

As a doctor, I have gained experience in psychiatry and lifestyle medicine. In both fields I experienced a lack of deeper meaning and also a lack of results. People were often moved from one treatment to another, with no structural change.

In April 2022 I came into contact with bodywork through a workshop by Isabel Kelly and in September 2022 also with body-oriented therapy through the training of Maite Wetters: body-oriented release using the Sedona method. In both courses I was able to experience the power of deep touch, the Sedona method and plant medicine in the form of Psylocybin and I now work with this. A great gift!"

Letting go with the Sedona method

The Sedona method is a simple method to let go of restrictive convictions, emotions and physical pain. The combination with de-armouring is effective because the body stores trauma and pain in various places.

The Sedona method is developed by Lester Levenson in 1952 and named after a spiritual place in Sedona, Arizona in The United States. In that year, after suffering from a second stroke at the age of 42, he was sent home by his doctors to die in peace.

The sudden shock of this diagnosis gave Lester a deeper change awareness: he asked himself: who am I? In this process of self realisation he found a method to let go of self-limiting beliefs and feelings.

Lester's main discovery was that the complaints he experienced were not due to external circumstances, but stemmed from his own response patterns. By observing these feelings and patterns and removing the identification with them, his complaints eventually also disappeared.

This is simply the goal of the Sedona method: to free someone from limiting beliefs, emotions and physical blocks so that energy can flow freely again. In a Sedona release session, they also use de-armouring by means of. trigger point massage and a microdose of plant medicine (optional). Plant medicine helps to further expand neuronal networks, strengthen the connection between body and mind and brings someone more in touch with his/her feelings.

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