Hypno/Trance therapist and Sifu

Fabian is available in Noord on Thursday.

fabian@healingpeople.nl06 16 93 67 79 (I will always contact you after a message)

From the age of 12 I was taken in by my Shaolin 'father' sifu Ho Tan and learned to work with forces through meditation and Martial Arts coursing beautiful changes in myself and others.

On behalf of my father I was allowed to teach hundreds of students in meditation, yoga forms, Tai Ch'i Chuan, Pa Kua, Wu Shu, Shaolin, Kung Fu, Liang Gong, Eskrima, Pencak and many other teachings. For these teachings I traveled a lot but at the same time I had my passion to make a difference as a businessman and initiator of various small charitable projects in third world countries. A difficult combination, which is why I temporarily gave up teaching.

Yet the desire to share what I know to make others happier turned out to be stronger than the business world.

I got certified by accredited institutions as a hypnotherapist, trance dancer and psycho-relationship coach for better connection in the workfield of doctors and therapists. With combined knowledge and experience, I achieved better results for clients.

Recently I accepted the invitation from Healing People to do this together in this tribe of therapists.

So, whether privately or from a company, together we will be pleased to start your healing or learning process for your improved happiness.

Start a better life through my chair or my event. You are not invited if i cannot help you. Without success your money back: so feel free to write to me why you want to get acquainted.

At Healing People I offer: Mental depth relaxation after a massage with Marin, a one-on-one direct result private session*, or as a couple learn in 1 session to do a Tantra massage or get a relationship boost.

Besides this it’s possible to sign up for my course Omdenken (thinking out of the box) only in Dutch (within 2 months you will be in a new, more beautiful world). Increase your chances with my tips & tricks from the street and do the Women Self-defense course or the course Liang-gong (preliminary exercises from T’ai Chi Chuan).

The following combinations with massages from Marin are possible:

  • Marin Dijkman 90 minutes massage 9.00 - 10.30 followed by 90 minutes Hypno-Trance session by Fabian: 10.30 – 12.00
  • Marin Dijkman 90 minutes massage 10.30 – 12.00 followed by 90 minutes Hypno-Trance session by Fabian: 12.00 – 13.30

In addition to the relaxation achieved, this combination of Massage and Hypno-Trance offers a mental depth of relaxation in which, if possible, the start to healing can be anchored or perhaps there is more clarity about a theme from within.

*Some themes: pain management, trauma, fear, slimming, relationship boost, (life or exam) motivation, meditation guidance, self hypnosis with total relaxation.


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