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If you suffer from headache, migraine, neck pain, stiff neck, back pain, lumbago, hernia, scoliosis, blocked spinal nerves, hip joint pain, knee pain, complaints after whiplash, meniscus problems or leg length difference due to pelvic misalignment, read on.

More energy

An atlas treatment helps with various pain complaints. The atlas is your upper cervical vertebra. Your head rests on your atlas. The large number of sensors located in the upper part of your neck provide your brain with information about balance and tension in your entire spine and the rest of your skeleton. When your atlas is in the correct position in relation to your skull, it provides a good foundation for your body to relax and function in balance. This gives you more energy.


The meridian theory comes from the Eastern health theory. Meridians are invisible symmetrical energy channels in the body that run from the crown of the head to the tips of your fingers and toes. It is about letting the life energy flow freely. When the energy channels in your body do not flow properly (for example, due to a scar or tattoo), complaints can arise. With a special treatment method we will see if we can get the energy channels flow again, so that blockages in your body disappear.


Carmen came to me through an acquaintance of hers. She suffered from pain in the knees, lower back and neck. She also indicated that she had a leg length difference. She hoped a treatment could provide some relief. After the treatment, Carmen writes: 'I am really amazed every day how well you can see the difference, especially in my shoulders, so much straighter. My ankles are also not so inward and no leg length difference anymore, I can feel that so clearly. Horse riding yesterday felt really good. My horse was very relaxed, there was a lot of communication and it felt strange to suddenly sit up straight. My friend also said you could see it clearly from behind. I sat straighter in the saddle, but also straighter up and the horse felt so good.'

‘I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia 6 years ago: a chronic pain and fatigue syndrome. After the diagnosis was made by the rheumatologist, the advice was: learn to live with it, we can't do anything for you. I have read a lot about it, adjusted my diet, take good supplements and adjusted my lifestyle to the limitations that fibromyalgia causes. The quality of my life continued to deteriorate: because of the pain and fatigue, there was little that I had energy for outside of work. At the beginning of this year I read about atlas correction and that this had a positive effect on fibromyalgia complaints. After my first treatment with Frank, I noticed the positive effects myself: the stiffness of my muscles has decreased, the fog has cleared from my head, making me feel much clearer, I sleep a little better, my mood has improved, the exhausted feeling is gone and I did not have the 'jumping' pain characteristic of fibromyalgia after the treatment. The most important thing is that my energy level has improved a lot, so that I feel much more excited about everything and I can do things next to my work. The pain in my neck and shoulders is less, but not gone after 2 treatments. I am hopeful that this will decrease even more. Frank's treatments are very nice: professional, calm and full of attention.' - Kitty

20 years ago my hand ended up in a machine and because of this I am missing some tips of my fingers. Lately I had pain in my arm. It started with my fingers, then my hand, then my forearm, then my upper arm, then my shoulder. After Frank's treatment the pain was gone. Frank asked how my hand felt. I started feeling and looking and found out that I could make a fist again. I couldn't do this for years. After 20 years I have my hand 'back'. I am very happy with this. I immediately scheduled a follow-up appointment for a meridian treatment.” - Paul

‘After I had been experiencing a lot of pain in my hips for 8 years, and had already completed +100 physio treatments, Frank came across my path. He told what he did and in which treatments he specializes. I was immediately impressed by his passion for what he was doing and it immediately felt right. Especially the fact that he does not tackle the painful area itself, but that he goes looking for the cause. I explained my complaints to Frank. He could help me with that. I didn't hesitate for a second and immediately made an appointment. I have experienced the treatments as very pleasant. In a nice quiet area and with Frank you immediately feel at ease and relaxed. The treatments were super effective. Not only has the pain in my hips decreased enormously, I am rid of many different aches and pains, but it has also done everything for me mentally. After years of blockages, it felt like my body had literally started flowing again. Or everything opened. All the emotions that had been trapped for years were released. That was equally intense, but after 3 weeks I felt so much lighter, relaxed and relieved. I felt like a phoenix that had risen from its ashes. It feels like a huge gift that I have received. I can recommend Frank's treatments to everyone.’ - Carol, 38 years old

‘Before I came to Frank, I always had problems with my knees (because of my gymnastics past and injuries) and after half an hour of walking I had so much trouble with my right knee. After my first treatment with Frank, the pain was completely gone from my knee and I was able to walk for hours again without experiencing any pain! The session afterwards has also helped me tremendously and my posture has also improved! I am super satisfied with treatments by Frank!'- Rosemarie, 23 years old

Yasmina came to me in June because she had heard and read about an Atlas treatment. She often suffered from cold feet, even when the weather was hot. She also felt unbalanced. After three treatments, Yasmina says she is grounded, feeling more energetic and relaxed. She also enjoys her night's sleep again. “I used to be a happy giver, but my current stable well-being has also made me a happy receiver. I am extremely grateful to Frank for his exceptional input.”

‘After a broken leg in my youth, I suffer from a leg length difference of one centimeter. Now that I am getting older, this regularly leads to tension complaints in my upper back, shoulders, arms and neck that radiate to my left leg. Exercising four to five times a week helps me a lot mentally during busy periods but can sometimes lead to physical discomfort. After a treatment from Frank, I experience more symmetry in my core. With my sedentary profession, I experience immediately after the treatment that I am much more comfortable. Once in a while I visit Frank to make sure I feel better, so that I remain vital during busy periods.' - Jesse, 30 years old

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