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Jiska is available in noord on Friday morning

Jiska is a specialist body-oriented therapist who focuses on prenatal and transgenerational trauma. Your early experiences, including conception, gestation, birth, and family background, shape your blueprint and influence your behavior and emotions. Although you don't have cognitive memories of these experiences, they are stored in your physical and emotional memory systems.

'Overcoming life's challenges, such as relationship issues, stress, and burnout, can be difficult due to entrenched patterns. But through body-oriented therapy and constellation work, you can remember and break patterns, leading to greater freedom and energy. This approach benefits not only adults, but also babies and children.'

If your baby cries excessively or has trouble sleeping, parenthood can be challenging. That is why Jiska offers a walk in for parents of colicky babies on one Saturday morning a month from 10.00 to 12.00 o' clock. Along with crying for basic needs like hunger or a dirty diaper, your baby may cry due to experiences from conception to birth. By learning to listen and restore connection where necessary, you can bring more peace and joy to your family. Drawing on experiences and insights from midwifery, baby therapy, prenatal psychology, and Aware Parenting, Jiska provides a warm and safe space for baby therapy.

Besides the sessions described in the booking module you can also book a longer course with Jiska for:

  • Pre- & perinatal trauma therapy: 4 months €1.180
  • Transgenerational trauma therapy: 4 months €1.280

Discuss the possibilities with her personally.


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