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Mairon is available in Noord bi weekly on Friday afternoon
and in the Jordaan on every Saturday afternoon and evening.

Following my degree in Psychology, I have worked for more than 25 years in the Youth Care sector as a social worker, work supervisor, team leader and consultant and gained more than 15 years of coaching experience along the way. With this cultivated knowledgIe I decided to take a new turn in my career and started my own business as a vitality coach.

As a generalist, my interests are broad; I am also a certified masseur and a pilates and zumba instructor. In my spare time I dance in a modern dance company where I perform regularly on a national scale.

As a vitality coach, I help my clients regain awareness of the body and ownership of their own energy management and balance. I have a holistic approach to this: there is always a connection between the physical, the mental and the emotional (body-mind-soul). The focus here is to take back your autonomy to self-heal and getting back your own strength as soon as possible.

I was introduced to the art of massage and its healing powers very early on in the family: during my childhood I was massaged by my grandmother and had to regularly massage my mother. I see massage – now that I’m also an avid dancer – as a necessary tool to let the body recover and relax after being exposed to different stressors (both physically and mentally).

The massages I give are intuitive and can be both intense, relaxed, and customized to your individual needs. I have gained my professional knowledge and experience at the Thai Traditional Medicine School (Watpo-Bangkok) and Thai-Hand (Amsterdam). I also attended a part-time training in Massage and Movement Therapy at ProEducation (NCOI).


Mairon is my regular massage therapist at Massage Marin. I think he’s amazing. Mairon is talented, experienced and works from the heart. He has a holistic approach that fits me perfectly. Before the massage starts we always have an intake so the massage is really completely adjusted to my specific needs. After a massage I go home truly ‘zen’. Both locations have their own atmosphere, nice to try out! - Gladys Nurmohamed

I’m very happy with the massage and the general attention I’ve gotten at Massage Marin. I had a massage with Mairon, who truly took the time to understand why I came before starting. The massage was thorough but with precision and care which made that I felt completely comfortable and relaxed. Absolutely recommend. - Guy Mahieu

Mairon’s massages give you deep relaxation. Mairon knows exactly what’s needed to release obstacles. He knows how to attentively connect certain points in the body, so that you feel the energy flow back. Mairon is a very nice and capable person; every visit is a gift to your body and soul. - Esmeralde Gerdes

Mairon really knows how to treat painpoints in the body and he is very open to customise the massage to your specific needs and body type – I felt revitalised and alot looser post-session after suffering for weeks from shoulder stiffness – tonight I will sleep like a baby! - O Badawy


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