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  • Alignment reading & Intuïtie coaching
  • The Healing Journey

As I child I already perceived the emotional states and physical pains of others and would respond to these. I soon learned this was not a desired feature of mine and others didn't see the same. So I mostly avoided my intuitive and clairvoyant nature and only embraced it again after an NDE .

This set me on a course of trying to understand everything about intuition presence and purpose and I became passionate about connecting others to the treasures they have to share. I believe that sharing our gifts leads to a joyful life.

I have travelled the world, lived on a beach in Thailand, stayed in ashrams and danced a lot too. Now I live in Amsterdam my home town. I love the sea, nature, looking for treasures and being creative.

I have 30 years of experience giving readings, and 10 years of workshop and retreat facilitation with the focus on empowerment. Some of the modalities I have studied and worked with are - shamanic journey/healing, EFT, Theta healing, channelling, dance, shadow work, the Work of Byron Katie and more.

Currently I am becoming a SoulArt facilitator (which lets me explore my love for symbols, art and the language of our soul) and putting the finishing touches to my Soul Alignment workbook.

In a reading with me the main purpose is to gain CLARITY about any subject you choose, anything you feel you want to understand, shift, let go of or heal. My aim and passion is to empower you to live your purpose, vision, truth and beauty. Aligning with your True 'Wild Self'. You will receive an alignment plan .

An intuition coaching session lets you choose what you want to learn, clarify or perfect in your intuitive work with readings, healing or channelling.

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"Yes Malika is the one that got me on to this path several years ago. In my session with her she gave me the most powerful download and it helped me remember who I truly am, and it made it undeniable. From that day my life has never been thesame."
Sohie Josephina - ssx & relationship coach/teacher

"I found out that Malika did life readings and, as a person always intrigued to learn more and see things from a clearer perspective, I jumped at the opportunity to work with Malika. She has such a grace and gentleness she puts you at ease right away. Her words come to you almost like an angel putting a reassuring hand on your shoulder giving poignant advice, revealing areas that the ego may try to hide from your awareness. Her voice seems sagely and filled with love. She gets right to the point and packs a lot of highly beneficial information into a session. She really is an extremely gifted psychic and her words can gently yet at the same time profoundly help you course - correct your life's journey. I highly recommend her. She is truly a gift unto this world."
Anja Sagan - Artist , film maker ,shamanic healer/coach

" In my session with Malika, I felt very at ease and supported. I went to see Malika because I really needed some clarity, I was stuck and really felt she could help me. I was really impressed at the clarity of what she was seeing in my energy & the way she explained it. It helped me understand exactly why I was feeling the way I was feeling and with this insight, gave me a way out. She highlighted the main things I should work on within myself and helped to free myself from this pattern, I can honestly say she helped me understand myself on a whole new level & helped me grow to new heights. I would highly recommend Malika, she is kind, caring and an expert in her field. Thank you Malika for all your help."
Morwenna Bugano channeller, healer, teacher


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