Healing Hands • Jin Shin Jyutsu • Sound healing
Marc is available in Noord on Wednesday morning.

Jin Shin Jyutsu is a relaxing, harmonizing form of energy medicine, without side-effects.

This Japanese healing art is similar to acupressure and acupuncture, without needles. By strategically placing the hands on the body, the energy is harmonized, so that it can flow properly again. It removes mental, emotional and physical blockages, and activates your self-healing capacity. It’s very effective to alleviate discomfort, relieve (chronic) issues, and (complementary) treating dis-ease.

You’ll receive a relaxed Jin Shin Jyutsu healing that is tailored to your issues and/or wishes. Afterwards, you can receive self-help advice and learn how you can easily and effectively help yourself.

I discovered Jin Shin Jyutsu in 2016, when I was badly off-balance. Back then, it was incredibly helpfull for me. Henceforth, I’ve been studying and practicing the Art of Jin Shin daily. It’s such an effective and wonderful healing modality, that I really feel the need to share it with those in need. The treatments are tailored to the clients issues and their story. That’s why it’s good to inform me about your main issue/ailment beforehand.


During the session with Marc, I especially experienced the touch and the energy that was moving as pleasant. Deeply relaxing. All kinds of images and conversations came through my head, and then they passed again. After that I was tired and wanted to be alone. Marc had asked in advance if I wanted to work on something specific and started the session very prepared, completely focused on letting go and welcoming transformation (because that was my question). He also showed me some poses and routines that allow me to regularly work on these two aspects after the session. After the session I had two very intense days during which everything came up, very intense emotions and old pains that suddenly presented themselves clearly and difficult decisions that also matured clearly and faster in myself after this treatment. Beautiful at the same time, but also really intense. I think I want to do this more often! I can use this very well to continue to heal myself step by step. Take your time and the rest and prepare yourself for many things to come that very much want to be seen clearly and that you may have very well or very cleverly tucked away inside yourself. thanks Marc - Marta


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