Relaxation massage • Pregnancy massage • Coaching for pregnant women and their partners during pregnancy, birth & postpartum period • Doula
Marijn works on Tuesday mornings (at other times in consultation) in Amsterdam North.

Enjoy a nice massage tailored to your personal focus points! A relaxation massage makes you feel better physically, mentally and emotionally. This massage is a good option to try if you have not had a massage before, but would like to give it a try!

In addition to my work as a massage therapist, I support pregnant women and their partners during pregnancy, delivery and the postpartum period (the 40 days after giving birth) as a doula!

Do you have a wish to have children? Did you give birth a while ago and are you looking for some self-care and someone to talk to who understands the situation you're in? Or are you experiencing a miscarriage and do you need support? Please feel welcome!

Pregnancy, giving birth and the transformation from pregnancy to parenthood are profoundly life-changing events that stay with us for life. It is important to take good care of yourself during this period.

The loving, soft touches during a pregnancy massage can help to relax your body and to let go for a while. Especially during a complicated pregnancy or a pregnancy with a medical indication, it is advisable to regularly seek relaxation and create a moment for yourself. A pregnancy can be experienced as very stressful, for both the pregnant woman and the partner.

It is also possible to schedule a combination appointment, which consists of a massage and a doula consultation. During this consultation we discuss what you need and I offer a listening ear. I can also give you advice and tips.

I am a mother of twins. Due to my own medical pregnancy and the birth of Oliver & Nova, I decided to become a doula. Massaging is part of being a doula and I am happy that I can now also offer my services at Healing People! I'd love to meet you!


The relaxation massage was really nice! - Kayleigh

Every woman should feel this support to have a successful delivery. I got both mental and physical support. I think that only a doula can give this support to you as they fully understand what is happening, what is about to happen, and what you are experiencing. - Inga

Marijn was very supportive and calm. She really was my anchor during delivery. - Guusje


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