Singing bowl massage
Mark is available in Noord on Wednesday afternoon en Wednesday evening.

It is truly a true gift to be able to guide people, and therefore you too, in consciousness.

And whichever entrance (or if you like method) I will offer you for this (in this case a singing bowl massage) we always head for your silent space. To the silence, the safety, the peace and the trust that is always present in you.

In the delightful energy of the practice of Healing People I take you into the wonderful, relaxing and healing world and operation of the singing bowls.

And in the end you yourself ensure that the healing and transformation can form a way.

And yes, it is also 'just' a bountiful massage!

Attention, becoming silent, listening (which is different from 'hearing', and something else from 'thinking about sounds'), feeling, experiencing.

It is grounding, healing and promising for both me and you who may receive the vibrations very directly.

Without in the first instance being specifically concerned with directly 'dissolving' and 'fixing' blockages (which does happen!) we let ourselves be carried along with the self-healing abilities of our being and rely on what may present itself. And I also trust that I can provide what can be provided on a physical and especially on an energetic level.

This singing bowl massage is a physical, mental, emotional as well as soul-rich or if you like spiritual journey.

Sounds, its vibrations, travel around us, within us and through us.

And thereby it touches us on those different layers of our humanity.

A 'listening' is therefore a listening with all that we are. Our whole essence. Down to and from the core. To and from that quiet space.

An inner silence from which the soul can sustain itself, can express itself, can be. From which the real healing may manifest itself.

Singing bowls owe their effect to vibration. All bowls have their own pitch, which becomes audible and tangible through vibration.

This vibration continues easily, carries through water.

And our body consists for a very large part of water!

This has a penetrating and beneficial effect on the body tissue, the blood, the skin, the bones and all cells.

The vibrations of the singing bowls can thus affect the body, mind and soul very deeply.

So you can imagine what this does to any blockages, superficial and also the deeper ones. Physical and energetic.

The sounds are vibration, we are vibration, our emotions, thoughts and words are vibrations, everything around us is vibration.

The sounds travel through all layers of our being and through all layers of our brain. Down to the deepest delta waves. Up to those layers where the self-healing capacity is potentially present.

In this way we touch everything and you give yourself, in addition to a relaxing and beneficial massage, the space to be who you really are.

You may begin to feel your own sounds and vibrations.

And feel and experience where those own sounds and the sounds of the bowls meet.

And where the silence room is.

In you and around you.

See you soon.

With dedication,

The effect of the singing bowls!

  • Sounds balance your central nervous system.
  • Sounds let the energy flow again, harmonize the body cells and purify your energetic space (if you like, your aura).
  • Sounds bring you more into your creative center.
  • Space is created to receive stress, fears and have them transformed.
  • Improved sleep and concentration.
  • Vibrations and their purity bring balance to the energies of your meridians and chakras.
  • Vibrations travel to deeper layers of our brain and soul so that you will experience much more clarity and awareness.

What can you expect during our time together

  • Meditative grounding exercise singing bowl
  • Physical massage head (universe) | feet (earth) | hands (connection)
  • Singing bowl massage (physical and certainly energetically)

Larded with music, laying on of hands, and attention to the energetic body with Reiki.

Practical information

I would like to ask you to wear comfortable clothing (the clothing will remain on during the treatment). If possible, avoid zippers and metals in clothing (metals can also be found in underwear/bras) and jewelry (piercings, etc.), because they can resonate unnaturally with the vibrations of the singing bowls.

With this singing bowl massage you lie (with closed eyes and in silence) on a massage table and the singing bowls are placed on and around you and struck.

I would like to see that you have not consumed any (heavy) meal(s) prior to the massage and I advise you to drink pure water for the first 24 hours afterwards.

Skip the massage!

If you have a fever/flu, infectious diseases, if you have a pacemaker, serious heart disorders, if you are being treated for cancer, if you have serious varicose veins, epilepsy, thrombosis, if you have just had an operation, then there is a reason not to receive a massage.

In addition, I would like you to first consult with your attending physician and/or specialist, especially in the case of epilepsy.

Normally I do not treat these contraindications.

In any case, I cannot accept any liability for any damage and/or injury as a result of a performed singing bowl massage.


If you are pregnant, I would like to welcome you from the third month of pregnancy for a benefit for you and your child. During pregnancy, an adapted treatment will be given.


The singing bowl massage is 1 ½ hours.


Amazing and astonishing. Two words that cover the charge. I can't explain exactly what happened, but it is clear that something happened. More balance, more energy, more rest and an improved night's sleep. Thank you. I can really recommend it to everyone. – Sam

I am now treated and guided by Mark every week. This singing bowl massage is really much more than just the vibrations. Mark's gift is that he can feel the energy flows and blockages and can bring them back into balance using all kinds of techniques. In the first instance I was not open to it at all, but after a treatment I started to delve into it and a new world really opens up for me from here. Of course it is now up to me to keep practicing myself in observing my body more often. – Indra

Burnout, depression. sitting at home. Which direction to go now? And then there was this massage as a gift from a female friend. It brings openings to receive this kind of vibration. I feel the space again to allow life step by step. Mark has much more to offer than just these massages, but I'm very happy that this female friend offered it to me. - Karel


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