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Marlene is available in Noord every other week on Wednesday night.

Sometimes your body is screaming for attention, sometimes your body is whispering softly—either way, our bodies talk. The language of our bodies tells us what we need, where there is resistance. Butterflies in your stomach when you're in love. A nervous, nauseous stomach when waiting for that  phone call. A stiff neck and shoulders when an important deadline at work approaches. Our bodies often react directly to what is going on in our mind, but in our rushed society we have forgotten to listen to what it is saying. You would think we were all just heads on sticks sometimes: always thinking, worrying. We don’t pause. Even though we feel fatigue, dizziness, insomnia and crankiness.

We feel emotions, we don't think emotions. To really understand yourself, you cannot ignore your body. Touch is essential. The first time this really hit me was when my two daughters were born (in 2013 and 2016). Touch is the bridge between body and mind. It makes us aware of what we feel, bringing focus, nurturing and comfort. In my work as a doula (birth coach), I witness this power of touch time and again. Not only from the mother, but also from the baby, the partner and the whole family.

In the past years, my fascination with touch grew into a passion and a mission. Feeling and understanding yourself—really understanding—leads to more connection within yourself. I am convinced of that, and strive to facilitate that for everyone. A body that feels heard and seen does not have to express itself frantically, scream for attention, or go on strike. Your body deserves loving attention.   

What I offer you

As a massage therapist-in-training (3rd year Academy of Massage and Movement), I support my clients to learn the language of their bodies, especially when they are still just sending softly whispered signals. All you need is an open attitude and a willingness to work on yourself. With a combination of massage, breathing and movement techniques that help you to feel your body (again) and to listen to what it has to tell you. You can also contact me for a 'regular' relaxation massage or pregnancy massage.


Immediately upon entering, it felt good. Marlene is authentic. We became acquainted briefly and she tuned in well with me and my request for help. The treatment was magical. I have no other word to describe it. Attuned and present, allowing me to surrender to my body and what it had to tell me. I flowed into my body a lot more during and after the session. I felt very relaxed, strong and taller when I walked out the door. Thank you, Marlene! - Bas Roeleveld

Deeply touched and very healing. A long, healing embrace. So grateful! In my heart, soft and present as if I was on a cloud surrounded by light, carried, protected. I could release and arrive back again. Very nurturing! - Alina Shatrova

Having a massage from Marlene was a real treat. Marlene is warm, caring, intuitive and her hands can work wonders. I felt fully pampered, could completely let go and relax during the massage. Afterwards, I felt re-energized and balanced. I have experience giving and receiving massage and can warmly recommend Marlene’s expert care. - Marjorie Lumet


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