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Marlies is available in the Jordaan on Thursday evening and on Friday and Saturday during the day. She is available on Wednesday afternoon and Wednesday evening in Noord.

Every body is different and requires a different treatment. By tuning into your needs, each treatment helps energy to flow through you body again. Not only for relaxation and more space in your body and mind, but also to bring you back in your whole body. For me it’s very important that my client goes away with a satisfied feeling, liberated and relaxed and that gives me energy and makes me happy.

Through the years, my love of massage has continued to change and grow. I have immersed myself in various techniques such as relaxation massage, deep tissue, shiatsu, reflexology, and cranio sacral.

I massage clients with specific complaints such as headaches, stress symptoms, back / shoulder pain but also for relaxation. In consultation the customer determines the pressure and type of treatment. I usually suggest to do a mix of techniques, because every body has different needs. Massage is good for blood circulation, and improves the supply of oxygen and nutrients to body tissues, improves skin tension and detoxiffies the body.

Usually I end the massage with Cranio Sacral to bring you back into balance. Cranio Sacral stems from Osteopathy and is based on the fact that the body can make themselves healthy again. This is done with soft touch by the hands in different positions to impose on the body. This therapy works directly through cerebrospinal fluid in the nervous system whereby you get into a relaxed state. The body is then responsive to the admission of changes. This will remove blockages when the body is ready for it.


“I’ve been going to Marlies for 2 years – she’s the best. She has a soothing, calming personality, and her massages are amazing with just the right amount of pressure. It’s the perfect mix of relaxing and therapeutic – I leave refreshed, relaxed, and with far less knots and aches. It’s a top-notch massage with an experienced and lovely professional.” — Jenny

“With all the stress and the hustle and bustle of everyday movements the body needs to be replenished from time to time. Whether I have a problem body part or just in need of relaxing and letting the mind go, I make an appointment with Marlies. The techniques she applies relieve stress and pain and brings my body back to a fully relaxed state. She has a unique way of using a massage cup to lift the skin from the muscles and afterwards my skin feels renewd and revived. She has a sweet natuur about her which from the start of the session invites people to relax already. I highly recomend her! ” — Shaun

“Marlies is extremely intuitive, it’s like she is talking to my body and knows exactly what to do, or where to go next. The best deep tissue and craniosacral massage I’ve ever had. She’s also given me some very helpful tips to help relieve my recurring aches and pains.” — Suki

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