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Matthijs is available in the Jordaan on Wednesday evening

Massaging has always been a passion of mine, and I grew up with it at home. During my recovery from a car accident, which resulted in whiplash, I noticed how different massages can be and how beneficial they can be when done well.

The differences I observed in massages from physiotherapists, Thai massages, deep tissue, and relaxation massages inspired me to practice them on myself, as well as on friends and family or spontaneously when I saw someone experiencing discomfort at a festival. They told me that massaging is my calling and that I should pursue it further alongside my regular job as a sales consultant and trainer.

After extensive training in various massage techniques by Marin, I can now answer this calling at Healing People. Depending on your needs, we will choose the right approach together. It can be powerful, combining deep tissue, sports massage, connective tissue, cupping, or a more relaxing massage.

Client Testimonials about Matthijs

Matthijs intuitively senses what my body needs and adjusts his techniques accordingly. I don't have to say much. He also has great strength in his fingers, knuckles, and elbows. I had been dealing with neck pain for a long time, but after Matthijs's massage, I felt rejuvenated. I will definitely come back and highly recommend Matthijs.
- Kèren -

Matthijs quickly finds the knots in my muscles and skillfully releases them. He also takes the time to allow the energy to flow again. I can absolutely recommend him!
- Sander -

Each session is different but equally enjoyable. I've had many massages, but I'm so glad I found Matthijs. He pays extra attention to the areas where I have discomfort but also doesn't neglect the rest of the body, such as my feet and calves. The final head massage, in particular, provided me with so much peace and relaxation.
- Claudia -


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