Foot reflexology combined with mindfulness

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Reclaim the body

How wonderful it would be if we could really be at home in ourselves again. We have almost become a head on a vehicle. We are with a lot of attention with our thoughts and often with only limited attention in our body and feeling.

There is a lot to be gained if we can reconnect with every part of our bodies an our energy flows properly again. My treatment is a reflexology massage combined with a mindfulness moment.

How it works

Through the foot I can help the body activate its restorative capacity and to get areas of stagnation moving again. This allows the body to be healthier and more in balance.

In addition, I take you on a journey to reconnect with your body from the inside. By doing this you can get back to the information that is given by your body all the time but often goes unheard by us.

You will notice again where in your body it feels pleasant and where it feels unpleasant so you can get back to taking care of yourself.

What a foot reflex massage is

With a reflexology treatment you take care of your entire body through pressure points in a small area of the body. In this case points on the foot. It is a special experience to feel that you get results in your whole body while someone massages only your feet.

Having the nervous system feel safe again

In my work I focus a lot on the nervous system because in the Western world we are often too stuck in the fight-flight mode. In fight-flight mode a lot of bodily functions don’t work properly and we often feel quite uncomfortable.There is a lot to be gained if we can get our system to feel safe and calm again.

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