Holistic Nutrition Coach • Massage • Reiki
Monique is available in Noord every other Friday morning.

Monique is bookable as/for:

  • Holistic Nutrition Coach
  • Massage / Reiki
  • Reiki

As a holistic nutrition coach, I help you to develop healthy eating habits and gain insight into what your body really needs. Everybody is different and therefore needs a different treatment. I tune in to your complaints and needs. Together we investigate how you deal with food in an intuitive way.

Together we make a nice plan so that you feel optimal in your body again with the right balance.

Holistic approach

I believe in a holistic approach, because our mind and body are not separated from each other. Your gut and your brain are constantly talking to each other and provide you with valuable information. If your gut is healthy and your hormones are in balance, you will have more energy and your mindset will be more powerful.


With my years of experience as a cook, I know a lot about food. In addition, I have worked for a long time as a tour guide in Nepal, Tibet, and India. Countries with an extensive knowledge of food and massage, from which I have experienced and learned a lot. Ayurveda is a well-known way of life for me and because of this I have always eaten and lived very intuitively myself.

While traveling I have had many massages. I know how nice it is to relax with a massage. For years I have been coming to Marin, the founder of healing people, for a massage. When Marin asked if I wanted to participate in a massage course that she provided, the choice was quickly made. She literally taught me the tricks of the trade and my love for massage was born. In Thailand I followed an additional training in Thai massage and in India a training Reiki.

For you I have combined all three forms of massage into a beautiful and intuitive whole, so that you will go home completely relaxed.


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