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Myloon is available in the Jordaan on Tuesday evening, Thursday afternoon and Friday morning

Myloon works from a foundation of grounding, trust, and safety. She operates in a flow, and due to her high sensitivity, she can intuitively sense what you need in the moment. You just have to lie down and surrender to the invitation. Sometimes it takes time, but with patience and slowing down, Myloon knows how to guide you there. The process unfolds naturally, and afterward, you leave with a deep, relaxed, and contented feeling.

After a successful career in modern dance, Myloon discovered therapeutic Thai massage during a journey. She became fascinated by the interplay of movements, stretches, and pressure points on energy lines. By studying Shiatsu (Japanese acupressure) for 4 years, she delved deeper into the meridian system. This opened up a world of energetic layers that Myloon continues to explore in her work with various issues, healing, prevention, and life questions.

You can turn to Myloon for various types of massage therapies. After undergoing a session, clarity, information, and answers may spontaneously emerge. Some of the techniques she masters include Relaxation Massage, Deep Tissue/Connective Tissue Massage, Shiatsu, Therapeutic Thai Massage, Breath Therapy, Taoist Abdominal Massage, Rocking Technique, Coaching, and Trauma Therapy.

If you have been pushing yourself too hard, feeling fatigued or overwhelmed, feeling "stuck," or need support in your personal development, Inner Guidance Coaching is available—a Body-oriented therapy in Coaching and Trauma Therapy. Depending on your personal circumstances, various methods* are used with the aim of supporting your desires or needs.

Upon special request, Myloon can take you on a journeying (light trance) journey. With her shamanic drum, she opens an energetic field where magic and creation take center stage. Here too, you are invited to surrender and will be surprised by unfamiliar "encounters" within yourself.


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