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Remco is available in Noord on Thursday afternoon, Thursday evening and Saturday morning.

To me the essence of a massage is the challenge to lift your blockages and let your muscles relax so the energy can flow through your body again. Sometimes this requires a strong approach, sometimes a gentle touch, usually a combination of both. This is something I discuss with you after which we will listen together to what your body requires. If I do my job well, the massage has an effect on a physical, emotional and spiritual level.

Being intuitively brought up with massage, I started to learn more about it at a later age. My style is a combination of deep tissue, shiatsu and Thai massage techniques. I work with pressure points and gratefully use my knuckles, wrists and elbows. Additionally I have been instructed in Lomi Lomi massage, the Hawaiian relaxation massage with its long strokes of varying intensity.

The rhythmic and repetitive character of the Lomi Lomi massage also appeals to me through my other profession: as a fanatically drumming professional musician I have been putting my hands to work for decades. On top of that I am a certified Mental Coach so I do not shy away from a good conversation if so desired.
Hope to see you soon!


We start off with a cup of tea and a talk beforehand to discuss what my needs for the massage are, which was a very pleasent start of my treatment with Remco. I like a strong approach to my muscles, but it’s important that it’s also still relaxing. Remco put on a wonderful playlist; music filled the calming space, which took away the awkward silence which you can sometimes experience during a massage. Remco feels perfectly where there’s a need for a bit deeper massage, which for me this time meant my calves. 😉 At the end of the massage I felt fuzzy and completely relaxed. Wow, what an experience. Remco is full of energy and gives you the energy that you need in that moment. - Marleen Albers vd Linden

Last weekend I had an appointment with Remco, and I absolutely reccomend! His flowing powerful hands promised all good things, especially for my calves where I carry a lot of tension. During the day it felt like I was floating on a cloud, finally completely free! And not to forget, his music taste!!! Thanks Remco, see you again soon! 🙂 - Sofia Schuijt


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