Sjarlot is available in the Jordaan on Tuesday evening. In Noord she is available by appointment.

My curiosity for Massage grew after the birth of my first child. The maternity help I had gave my daughter massages after every bath and during cramps. I was very impressed how well it helped my daughter with sleeping and tummy cramps.

Later on I became friends with a masseur who taught me chair massage. Massage became my passion. This year I’ve worked for 10 years as a masseuse on location at companies. My mission is to bring more awareness to create a healthier working culture. I wanted to develop myself more and so I did a study in stress counseling and several massage studies. Like Swedish and pregnancy massage trigger points and intuitive massage. After that I started giving full body massages in a practice where I was able to use a more Holistic approach combining massage with coaching and Reiki.

Massage helps you to be less in your head and more in your body. You become more aware of what is going on inside if you are more in touch with your body. Massage creates space to let go of that what is possible.

It is important to me that you feel safe and heard so that synergy can be created. I start my massage gentle and slow to help you go deeper in your body. After A while I intuitively build up the intensity of the massage and give extra attention there where it’s needed. With different techniques and my intuitive approach I aim to get the best possible result so that you go home feeling more balanced.


I had a very nice massage with Sjarlot! Sjarlot has a radiates calmness and massages very well. Sjarlot immediately knew where to put extra pressure and helped me with what I can do myself to prevent this tension (and its consequences) in the future. The space itself is in a great location and also very nice on the inside. I absolutely recommend! - Pine ten Raa

What an extremely nice massage studio. Professional and personal. There is one massage table, massage therapists work in shifts (I went to the Jordaan location, but they also have a location in Noord). They take all their time for you and really know what they’re doing. Today I had a massage with Sjarlot, which was great… Every touch is conscious, very precise and attentive, which you can really tell. I walked out reborn. I’ve also only had great experiences with other massage therapists here. - Aute Kasdorp

Last week I booked a massage at Massage Marin in Amsterdam, executed by massage therapist Sjarlot. I am extremely impressed with the entire experience: especially Sjarlot’s skills and the extremely strong effect of the massage on my body and my back pain (which for the greatest part have vanished completely thanks to this amazing massage!). What I noticed was how Sjarlot, afer only having felt my back for two minutes before the massage, immediately knew where the tension and problems in my back are. Sjarlot massaged me for over an hour, not just my back, but also my arms, legs and my head. An incredibly positive experience, and especially the enormous effect and improvement in my back pains during the following days. I will absolutely book a second appointment and I can recommend everyone, with or without backpain, to gift themselves (or someone else) a massage like this! - Laura Colette


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