Stephanie is available in the Jordaan on Monday evening.

Since a very young age I realized that giving massage to my friends was something coming out of me naturally, making them and me very happy. Expressing myself intuitively and effortlessly through movement led me to study dance at the age of 6 and later on, at the age of 21, I started my studies on massage therapies and more specifically on Thai yoga massage. As I was getting deeper to this path I continued my studies on Swedish massage, deep tissue and cupping. That gave me the possibility to have an integrative approach towards my treatments and being able to customize them according to the current needs of the individual.

This year i made the next step in my career by completing my studies, here in Amsterdam, at the Thai Hand Academy, the Teachers Training Program in Thai Yoga Massage (Nuad Bo Rarn), and by that I’m able to make one of my dreams come true by spreading the knowledge around the globe of this wonderful and unique technique, and make more and more people healthier and happier.

In my life i get inspired from nature and from people, who are passionate, smile, share and understand.

The most important things for me as a massage therapist are to achieve the best communication with my clients and make them leave with a smile.



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