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Susanne is available in Noord per appointment.

Susanne is bookable for:

  • Ayurvedic Massage Therapy (Abhyanga)
  • Ayurveda Health Coaching
  • Massage & Coaching

Are you ready for deep relaxation? Would you like a massage that suits who you are at the core?
Then the holistic Ayurvedic Abhyanga massage is really something for you!

Susanne is a certified Ayurveda Health Coach, Ayurvedic Massage Therapist and Detox Coach. She gives traditional Abhyanga massages and was trained for this in India, among other places. This gentle loving massage is given with warm medicinal herbal oil that is tailored to your body type and possible imbalance.

Susanne is all-round trained in different forms of massage: classical sports massage, traditional Hawaiian Lomi Lomi & Lua lomi massage, Ayurvedic massage (Abhyanga), Pregnancy massage and Chair massage.
Abhyanga and the wonderful medicinal oils used there have completely warmed her heart. For that reason she has decided to specialize in Abhyanga.

“My massage path started at a young age. As a child I regularly massaged my father's feet or head. Although I had never learned anything about massage, I was already experiencing an intuitive knowing. My hands feel what someone needs to let go and fully relax.

Through various education and courses I have come to acquire more and more knowledge. When I started with sports massage, I missed an energetic element in this more 'mechanical' way of massaging. I found this element in the spiritual Lomi Lomi massage that is performed almost like a dance. The Hawaiian healing principle resonates with me to this day and elements of this teaching are still woven into my massage style.

Once I came into contact with Ayurveda, all the puzzle pieces fell into place. In this more than 5000 year old healing method from India, the Abhyanga massage is used as a powerful healing tool. The traditionally prepared herbal oils are an essential part of the treatment. These fragrant oils nourish, soothe, detoxify and balance the body. The warm oil is applied with smooth strokes all over the body, head and face. The energy channels (Nadis) and energy points (Marmani) are also subtly stimulated. This leads to a deep relaxation in which the body activates its self-healing ability and profound healing can take place.

Do you feel the need for a moment exclusively for yourself where you can fully reconnect with your body? Or would you like to get acquainted with the gentle healing power of warm
Ayurvedic oil that brings body and mind back into balance? Feel free to schedule an appointment with me!
The massage is preceded by a short intake, with a pulse and tongue diagnosis, so that I can fully tailor the oil and my massage technique to you. You are unique and so is your treatment!”

Susanne opened her own health practice (Massuus) in 2019. The practice is created to attract and support women with a busy job and/or business, a family or a combination of these. She provides coaching in designing a solid foundation of self-care in your life with Ayurveda. This prevents you from chronically exhausting yourself and helps you invest in a strong health so you can start giving from abundant energy and love!

Women are welcome at Massuus for Abhyanga massage, Pregnancy massage, Ayurveda Health Coaching and guidance with Ayurvedic Detox programs. It is also possible to book Susanne on location for chair massages.


“The treatment was heavenly and professional. Exactly what I needed. Susanne is warm and friendly which made me feel at ease straight away. In addition, she has a lot of knowledge about Ayurveda, which is very interesting.” - Cleo Westerman

“Susanne takes the time for you during the intake and the massage. The massage is a blessing, given with so much care, really a great gift!” - Laura de Laat

“With stress in my body, tense shoulders and RSI complaints, I went to Suus. The first massage went deep and brought immediate relief. With tips and some good oil I was able to get rid of the rest myself. The 2nd massage a month later was pure relaxation. Delicious." - Diane Vernooij

“I always come back reborn. The massage, the specific oils (tailored to what you need at that moment) and rest do me so well! I prefer to come every week!” - Mariciel Sloothaak