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Vera is available in Noord on Tuesday afternoon

Meet Vera: Aloha, our dynamic Massage therapist & Body worker in Lomi Lomi massage therapy, with a wide range of practices. She started as a chair masseuse and practiced bodywork. She has been massaging for over 18 years now. After traveling and living in the Middle East for 7 years, she is back in the Netherlands. During her return to the Netherlands, her path led her to the Hawaiian bodywork of Lomi Lomi, connecting her with her Caribbean roots. Immersed in the remembrance of Aloha and deeply inspired, she opened herself to the collaboration and connection with her ancestry, merging shamanism with her love for Hawaii.

Her approach is based on a combination of various traditional medicines (including meridian theory and elemental theory) combined with sound healing. Our nature and the Hawaiian spirit serve as medicine in Huna & Aloha (foundation and loving presence in touch). Breathwork and body awareness are also integral to her practice. She explores various forms of self-development, infinite wonder, and childlike curiosity, with a great love for fellow human beings (brothers and sisters) in this world. She is at home in the world of expats and aims to help others find a sense of home within themselves.

Vera's endless admiration and fascination for the human being and the soul stem from her own life lessons, allowing her to see, experience, accept, and transform all aspects of life in this transition. She is completely focused on energetic and bodywork, having completed various training programs and courses in holistic therapies: a 500-hour RYT Yoga teacher training, dearmouring, bonewashing, trauma/shadow work, energetic practices such as Reiki 1 & 2, IET Healings, Access Bars/breathwork, bodywork, chair massage, Yoga Massage, Deep tissue, Shiatsu, Lomi Lomi, I-II, elemental theory, foundation work, trauma work, and sound healing therapy.

This enables her to tune in and tailor each session to what the individual needs, even if they are not yet aware of it themselves. She has enough tools at her disposal to play with and make everyone feel welcome and at home.

Feel welcome, being home away from home.

E Komo Mai,



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