Welmoed is available on Sunday morning and Wednesday afternoon in Noord.

“Sat Nam”, a sanskrit word within yoga meaning “true name” or identity (contact with your soul, the truth and essence of your being). There are many ways to connect with your core, and massage, care for your body, is one of them. It would be my pleasure to bring you into contact with your core, to let you feel connected again with yourself.

Massages help to bring balance to your body and mind. They let you get out of your head and support the body’s natural wisdom. Touch and massage stimulates the production of endorphines, our body’s natural pain medicine. An important goal of massage is to release any pain, blockage, emotion or tension built up in your body, so that your energy can flow freely again.

As I walk in the fotostepts of my grandfather, who had healing abilities with his hands, I have realized I also have the ability to work energetically myself, and I’ve been developing in this field over the past few years. I’m also always available for a good coaching conversation. I invite you to simply ‘be’.

In 2020 I started doing intuitive massaging with Marin. Next to this, I have followed multiple courses to grow, such as energetic (body)work (the American Eden method), muscle testing (German biochemicist Brunhild Hofman), healing centre “House of Tanuki”, and I have built op knowledge in different massage techniques such as “deep tissue” and Swedish Massage.


Before coming to Welmoed, I was walking around with a lot of tension and sadness in my body. In a beautiful, natural working together between Welmoed her hands and my body, the sadness came out and the tension flowed away. An intensely releasing experience which I still treasure. Welmoed knew exactly what I needed. Absolutey recommend! - Leander Haaitsma


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Please note that we have multiple locations: Jordaan (Centre) or Noord (North).