Holistic therapist
Wendy is available for bookings in Noord

“My mission is to bring you even more in touch with the wisdom of your intuition, heart and soul. In doing so, you amplify that part of your consciousness that is loving and light.”

Do you want to feel unique, loved and special? Self-love is the basis of a good flow in your life. You also have access to loving power to transform your life. I would be happy to accompany you with that. I call it living from the power of pure consciousness. Do you know the saying “energy is the foundation of the universe”. That is the basis from which I live as a person and work as a Nature-oriented therapist. I will read the energy of the moment. For example, by focusing on the phase of the moon in your horoscope or reading your energy field around you. This way, I can advise you on how to move with the flow of the universe. Using energy exercises you learn yourself to balance your energy.

In my 25 years of work experience in regular mental health care with adults and children, I have gained a lot of experience in coaching and giving therapy, for example, solution-focused and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT!). These provide a solid foundation to achieve your personal goals. I work holistically from the vision that your body has its own wisdom. The body speaks, and I will help you establish a conscious connection with the signals your body gives out. Conscious connection with your body will give you access to your deeper wisdom. If you also experience any physical complaints, I will apply acupressure in combination with energetic healing. I can use oracle cards to make the connection with deeper and higher layers of your consciousness. Thus, you integrate this wisdom into your process.

I am an accredited Nature-oriented therapist, affiliated with BATC. As a result, most health insurers reimburse my consultations from the supplementary package. Inform prior to the first appointment with your health insurer whether and how much you can be reimbursed. That prevents disappointment afterwards.

How it works with payment and reimbursement?

You will receive a payment request from me. After payment you will receive an invoice that you can present to your health insurer for declaration. My consultations are 110 euros per hour and exempt from VAT.


Wendy is a very nice, safe therapist, coming from regular care and from many markets. She is a healer who uses many forms such as laying on of hands, Chinese medicine, Astrology, Naturopathic interventions and with a direct line to Spirit. I would give Wendy to everyone.

I have experienced Wendy's coaching as very healing and loving. I became aware of my strengths and weaknesses and learned to listen to my feelings. I also learned to accept certain things. She gives me back my confidence. Wendy helped me rediscover my powers. I am very grateful to her! I would like to come back to her.

A consultation with Wendy is a gift for yourself! She creates a wonderful atmosphere in which everything is allowed and without judgement. Because of this beautiful and special things happen. Thank you Wendy for your beautiful energy.