Massage & Therapy

Wouter is availaible in the Jordaan on Thursday afternoon. He is available in Noord on Sunday morning.

Wouter welcomes you into a safe healing space

Where you are free to be yourself completely. Where all emotions and feelings are allowed to be. To experience more space in body and mind.

An intuitive massage where Wouter combines sports, relaxation, deep tissue, energetic, pressure points, shiatsu, classical, Physiotherapy, sound bowls, and Thai massage techniques

Going deep within the body to locate tensions. To reset, relax, loosen, and align your system. So the energy within your body flows freely again.

Sound healing with Tibetan bowls and varied other instruments. Be entranced by my singing of mantras, songs, hums, and soulful tones.

Every session is personalized for your needs and never the same. When I give you a massage, you can ease your mind. and naturally, your focus goes to your body and breath.

Dream away. Go deep within yourself. With beautiful sounds. Great smells and a touch from the heart.


“I don't think that I ever got such a good and nice massage. Ans I had a lot, from different people and from different cultures. I feel reborn! What I like especially about Wouter is that he is a great listener. Especially to what your body says and responds. Because of this he is very concious and loving when he massages you and at the same time also powerful and you don't need a lot of words to describe what you like and can handle. I would recommend him to anyone. I bet he can give very good relaxing massages as well if you ask him. but for a good release he is the best. He found all my knots/tensions and has a lot of strength in his hands to be able to release and relax” - Anouk -

“My experience? Top notch No pain, no gain, no relaxation! Wouter has a unique way of finding blocked muscle contractions and pierces through them with good intentions and pure strength. Definitely recommend this kind of massage as he finishes off with a nice sound bath massage over your vibrational body and raises your frequency.” - Leopold -

“Wouter had golden hands. With living core he bases tensions and pain. Every time is a different experience. Always custom, approbate for me, the moment and the now. The closing sound bath amplifies the relaxation. Every time I feel refreshed, more wholesome than I was before. Definately recommend!” - Esther -


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Please note that we have multiple locations: Jordaan (Centre) or Noord (North).