Zippora is available in the Jordaan on Wednesday afternoon.

My aim is to live this Earthly life completely in Divine energy, to be able to let go of everything I think I know, to be free in this body and to be able to connect with a deeper wisdom.

I started massaging when I was five, my mother also massaged and that's how I learned it. My first job was in my mother's massage parlor and I have continued to do it. It's a gift that my grandmother also had, intuitively knowing exactly where it's needed. My massage style is Indian pitjit, but it is also unique, inspired by what I have picked up in the world along the way. It is a co-creation with the highest, from which I can do this work and that supports self-healing.


I highly recommend a visit to Zippora! Zippora really does have the magic touch, and I have left her massages feeling totally relaxed and at ease. She has a nice and easygoing persona, which leaves you at ease. She is the consummate professional, and has a sixth sense for targeting the problem areas and releasing tension. Thoroughly recommended! ~Craig

Really amazing and special treatment, I received from Zippora. I'm very glad to have taken time for myself and surrender under her hands. I felt very safe and the treatment was very healing. Thank you! ~Albert

A massage from Zippora: Zippora brings the higher realms of spirit down to the physical. She tunes in through her intuition and lets her body work with the body of the receiver. 'It is healing collaboration', as she puts it. But words only touch the surface of what a massage with Zippora is like. I dearly invite you to go for the experience. And I thank you, Zippora, for sharing your gift so gracefully. ~Eva

One can only become the better version of oneself. That is my experience with Zippora. I’m Grateful and Blessed. The techniques went very deep and intens, but all my tiredness has been removed! My energy flows optimally. ~Iris

A massage by Zippora is almost like meditation. Zippora is very intuïtive and she feels exactly what your body needs. My body felt great and I felt completely at peace during and after the session. Would recommend it to anyone! ~Inge

I was going through a very difficult pain through my back but caused by my weak core muscles and from a block on my solar plexus chakra. Zippora made me feel very comfortable and explained me things before going into massage mode. She did a very wide range of massages she learned through her travels and even some of them were very challenging for my body, she continued with love and gentleness. The whole experience was amazing and I had quite few massages in my life but that was beyond normal ones. Lots of visions and nurturing energy travel through both of us during the long session. She really took her time and didn't made me feel she was in a rush. After the massage she gave me all the time I wanted to come back and relax. She even told me I could take a nap if that's how I felt but I was so energized but calm I couldn't wait to go out and enjoy the sun. My back since then is doing much better and I can exercise my muscles with no pain. I highly recommend her magic hands and beautiful energy to whoever has any kind of energy blocks or muscle pains. She will take you through a wonderful healing journey and the feeling will stay with you for long. Feel blessed Zippora. Thank you from the deepest of my soul. ~Dimitris


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