Vitamine and bodyscan


The Corpus Analyser is a tool to quickly analyze 250 physical functions. With this test of a few minutes, you will know how your health is and which condition improvement is a priority.
The Corpus Analyser Pro tests the magnetic field of the cells based on bioresonance and radionics. This analysis does not diagnose in a physical sense, but reveals deeper energetic imbalances in the client's subtle auric or etheric field.
These phenomena can manifest in the physical body, the etheric body, the emotional body or the mental body.

What is tested?

The Corpus Analyser Pro tests a large number (250) of parameters of body functions and organs, shows the deviations from the norm so that with this result you can analyze what the possible cause of the symptom is.
Sometimes the result corresponds to the symptoms, sometimes not at all. In the latter case, the practitioner looks for abnormal parameters related to the symptom in question.
This saves a lot of time in your analysis, so that the complaint with the highest priority can be addressed immediately.
For each parameter, the test values and norm values are displayed both graphically and in figures. Within minutes this test provides insight into deficits, surpluses and absorption capacity. Among other things, the Corpus Analyser tests the condition of the cardiovascular system, the skeletal system, the functioning of organs, cholesterol, trace elements, vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, trace elements, heavy metals, allergies, etc.

Afterwards you will receive the result and an advice by email.

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