Sjamaan Karine Mouflin (Diamond Dragonfly) sessions

Karine Mouflin (Diamond Dragonfly) is a biodynamic craniosacral therapist, breathwork and life coach, she is also light healer and following shamans from different traditions (Tibetan, Māori, Native Indian, Siberian) working on deep trauma and transgenerational healings and coaching people to align with their true essence and highest purpose. In her healing and coaching sessions, Karine uses a very soft and safe approach to help you dive into the depths of your psyche and soma, transmute obsolete patterns and a mix of shamanic practices to retrieve the golden pieces in yourself so you can be aligned to your highest potential.

Individual 1h30 session    150 euros
Individual 2h00 session   200 euros

Coaching Programs available on demand

Honored to be invited at Healing people Amsterdam North.
Available for individual sessions on the following time and dates in February 2023:

Sat 4 Feb – 10h00
Sat 4 Feb – 13h00
Sat 4 Feb – 15h00
Sat 4 Feb – 17h00
Sat 4 Feb – 19h00

Sun 5 Feb – 10h00
Sun 5 Feb – 13h00
Sun 5 Feb – 15h00
Sun 5 Feb – 17h00
Sun 5 Feb – 19h00
Sun 5 Feb – 21h00

Mon 6 Feb – 09h00
Mon 6 Feb – 11h00

Tue 7 Feb – 10h00
Tue 7 Feb – 13h00
Tue 7 Feb – 15h00
Tue 7 Feb – 17h00
Tue 7 Feb – 19h00
Tue 7 Feb – 21h00


We will hold a group Shamanic Fire Ceremony with intention settings, burning of herbs,  shamanic journeying with drumming, as well as breath work practices.

Fire Spirit is considered sacred and signified purification. It represents transformation and change because it destroys while simultaneously creating something new. An opportunity for growth especially during times where we need to cleanse ourselves of obsolete energies so we can begin again with renewed energy. Fire brings us heat which represents drive, vitality, enthusiasm, ambition; it also brings the light that illuminates understanding and knowledge on all levels of your beingness: physical/emotional/mental/ energetic/spiritual.

Sat 11 Feb 14h00 – 18h00

Price : 80 euros 

For booking and reservation, please contact Karine Mouflin on whatsapp tel: +33 6 30 63 90 65,


04 - 07 feb 2023

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