Teresa Santos

Holistic bodywork/deep somatic work, relaxation massage/ontspanningsmassage

Teresa works on wednesday & sunday

Passionately driven by a lifelong curiosity and nonconformist spirit, I delve into exploring the inherent potential of the human body. Within my bodywork practice, I blend in my background in professional dance, psychology, and pilates training, to center the body in movement as a gateway to holistic, therapeutic self-discovery. Therefore, I facilitate somatic experiences aimed at reconnecting individuals with their emotions, desires, and inner essence, emphasizing deep presence, listening and awareness.

Through 1:1 holistic bodywork & massage therapy treatments, sessions are customized by combining different techniques to meet individual needs. Drawing from approaches such as The Ilan Lev Method® for deep somatic work and relaxation massage for gentle stress relief, sessions address discomfort arising from physical and/or emotional root causes, promoting ease of movement and overall well-being. Complaints such as muscular tension, stress & chronic pain, poor circulation and sleep, skeletal or joint issues, mental blockages, and energy imbalances are addressed. Additionally, breathwork and mindfulness techniques may be incorporated to enhance the therapeutic experience.

By embracing integral tools and letting go of limiting beliefs, I aim to accompany individuals toward functional, joyful, and balanced living. One that promotes (self) healing - seeing healing as a journey to wholeness. I believe the body is a vehicle for change and growth, holding a transformative power to release, reconnect and find completion, revolutionizing our ability to heal.


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