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Alena is available in Noord on Monday and Wednesday afternoons

My journey in the world of working with the body began 13 years ago when I received a master's degree in physical rehabilitation (2013 - Lviv University of Physical Education. Specialty: physical rehabilitation (master))

To me, movement is more than just physical activity, it is a vital aspect of life.

My professional career quickly took off, and I became a young specialist known for my impeccable work. However, over time, patients came back to me with the same problems, and I had to rethink my approach.

During my work, I discovered that the issue wasn't limited to muscles, but also involved the skeletal structure. I was led to study osteopathy after making this discovery. Through my studies, I gained extensive knowledge and developed valuable skills. (2015 - structural osteopathy. The Spanish School of Osteopathy by Antonio Gonsales / 2018 - ISOM School of Osteopathy)

Osteopathy gave me a broader understanding of the body and its capabilities.

I mastered craniosacral therapy (2017 - craniosacral therapy. CST-1, CST-2, Body-Emotional release, BER-1. The Upledger Institute (USA)) and visceral osteopathy (2020 - 2021 - visceral osteopathy. Visceral Manipulation. Abdomen - 1, Abdomen - 2. Osteopathic Listening Techniques: An Integrative Approach to Assessment-1 (LT-1). The Barral Institute (France)).

At that moment, I realized the healing power of touch.

The body is capable of self-healing. This is the essence of my work - to guide your rhythms to healing, to connect body, mind, and spirit into a single system.

My work involves the use of deep tissue techniques as they help to release physical blocks and stimulate the free flow of energy in the body.

My primary principle is to avoid causing any harm.

My mind is always open and I am always searching for a deeper understanding of our existence.

Have I found all the answers to the questions? I believe that this is an unfinished journey that lasts a lifetime.


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